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When people talk about saving and renouncement in the context of sustainability, it creates a false connotation that tends to harm the actual concept of sustainability: sustainable living and sustainable consumption means using the available resources so skilfully and efficiently that their natural regenerative capacity is preserved.

The goal of this principle of action is the lasting satisfaction of consumer needs. And many consumers have already understood this very well: According to the Global Sustainability Study 2021 by the strategy and marketing consultancy Simon-Kucher & Partners international, sustainability and sustainable production make a decisive contribution to the purchasing decision for 58 % of German consumers. PwC’s Global Consumer Insights Survey has already identified a high level of awareness of sustainability in 2019; 74 % of Germans have made their consumption behaviour more sustainable in the last five years (worldwide: 63 %).

The absolutely necessary information about the new “green living” will benefit those companies that deal with the topic of “living sustainably” and “sustainable consumption” in an authentic and true-to-life way.

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30 media about sustainability

The PR agency Big Bang & Whisper has selected the 30 media that offer the best overview of the various aspects of sustainable consumption and environmentally conscious living. They are presented in alphabetical order, as there is no ranking involved:

  • BE GREEN is the sustainability podcast of the well-known women magazine Brigitte, which also offers contributions on sustainable sex under the motto “Sustainability without mincing words”
  • The travelblog has always been focused on green living and now only wants to cover sustainable living and travel.
  • In the depths of the website you will find the sustainability podcast “Besser leben” of the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation, which aims to simplify sustainability in everyday life with its contributions.
  • At, the website of one of Germany’s most sustainable food brands, there is a lot of info on real organic food and sustainable nutrition.
  • The blog Do & Live,, is dedicated to sustainable (vegan) nutrition and other beautiful aspects of green living.
  • don’t waste, be happy is the name of the sustainability podcast by Marijana Braune, psychologist, coach and founder, who makes sustainable living easy.
  • At (and the popular magazine “forum Nachhaltig Wirtschaften”) editors focuse on sustainable consumption: gentle healing methods, ecological living, innovative car technology, etc.
  • The magazin takes care of the mental side of the endeavour to live more sustainably (with mindfulness, but also the appropriate serenity)./li>
  • The magazin enorm ( deals with the sustainable change of society with social business and social entrepreneurship.
  • Electrified deals with electromobility, from e-cars and e-bikes to electronic vehicles of the future.
  • is a podcast on sustainable fashion, fair work and fair trade in the fashion industry.
  • deals with the psychological and philosophical meaning of sustainability and presents many ideas for a self-effective life.
  • is a portal where specialists develop sustainable trips to Europe and faraway places for all green living fans.
  • Climate Podcast Gradmesser of the German capital’s daily newspaper Tagesspiegel takes care of “nicer living for climate protection”:
  • The Green Friday Blog informs about sustainable city living, in which sustainable consumption plays a key role.
  • Green Lifestyle is one of the leading magazines on the subject of sustainability in Germany.
  • Green-Up is also a magazine that deals with the topic of “living sustainably
  • hygge is more of a mindstyle magazine for women between 25 and 55 and is more concerned with self-discovery, happiness and relaxation methods, but sustainable living is not neglected either.
  • The “klima update”-Podcast ( brings current analyses and reports, interviews and discussions on the causes and consequences of the climate crisis.
  • is the platform for climate-friendly planning and building – because the time for the building turnaround has long since begun!
  • is the first German-language online magazine on climate change, which has already been providing us with news on the energy transition, climate policy and climate research since 2018.
  • The web portal provides information on sustainable planning, ecological building, gentle modernisation and efficient operation of buildings.
  • is a blog with guidance and tips for responsible holidays and inspiration for new forms of travel.
  • Naturschutz heute is the member magazine of the German Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union and informs – quite clearly – about environment, climate and conservation issues, but also sustainable concepts.
  • ÖKO-TEST is one of the most important consumer magazines in Germany and takes a special look at sustainable concepts.
  • reminds us every day how easy it can be to live sustainably and has many tips on the subject.
  • brings many suggestions on how the utopia of “living sustainably” can be implemented in the private household.
  • is the name of the magazine’s new travel platform “Anderswo – Europa nachhaltig entdecken”.
  • ZEIT für Klima is one of the leading German sustainability podcasts of the ZEIT publishing group.
  • The podcast ZWEI vor ZWÖLF talks to celebrities, scientists, activists and entrepreneurs who are committed to green and sustainable living

If you really want to live sustainably, you need a lot of good information. The top 30 media help to get a first overview of how sustainable consumption and environmentally conscious green living can work. But sustainable consumption and all other aspects of green living cannot be discussed enough, because more sustainability not only slows down climate change, but also makes our lives healthier, easier and better in every respect.

The topic of sustainability offers a whole range of starting points for corporate communication and successful storytelling. But greenwashing is quickly exposed! Stay authentic and work on a good concept. We are happy to support you in this.

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