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Defluencing critical youtuber | Illustration: midjourney
Online Marketing

Defluencing: Understanding the digital advocacy revolution and its broader implications in Online Marketing

With the dynamism inherent to the digital landscape, a captivating counter-movement is emerging: defluencing. We explore the nuances of these anti-influencers, its potential monetization strategies, and how brands might navigate…
German trade media food | Photo: midjourney
German market

Top German Trade Media for Food and Beverages

Check this free media list of the most important German trade media food and beverages if you attend ANUGA, the industry's leading trade fair
Data-Driven PR in Germany | Illustration: SH in Midjourney
PR Insights

The Power of data-driven PR in the German market

The rise of digital technology, social media, and the ever-changing algorithms that control the flow of information have presented both challenges and opportunities. In this shifting media environment, one strategy…
PR agency Germany

Your PR agency in Berlin for Germany and EU.

Big Bang & Whisper is a leading PR agency in Berlin established as sole proprietorship by Sebastian Hesse. We are communicating for national and international companies, SMEs and organizations in the German market. We offer services such as public relations, marketing communications, brand development, market entry consulting and business development. With a strong network of freelancers, communications experts and specialized agencies across Germany and Europe we offer the creation of savvy ideas for compelling content for earned, owned and paid media.


To us, this is not only a job. We have true passion for communications.


No fancy office, no vice presidents, no incentives. We prefer to spend your money on your campaign.


What you pay is what you get. No interns, no bullshit. Always experienced consultants.

Free e-Book

Public Relations in Germany – Brief Insights

Are you new with your brand in the German market making your first steps? Then this free e-Book will help you to understand what is needed to skyrocket your marketing & Public Relations in Germany.
Firstly, how is German consumer behavior connected with the German media landscape? Why are German customers not necessarily the Early Adopters you might expect but usually rely on extensive research and reviews to make their purchase decision? And most importantly, how can you make yourself be heard in the incredibly comprehensive German media landscape with more than 300 daily newspapers and thousands of special interest and trade magazines alone?

With this e-Book you can find out. Let’s discuss how Big Bang & Whisper can help you with PR services for the German market.

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Why we do what we do

We are communicators.

The world is full of great ideas. And we love to talk about them. Our passion is to help you shine in public with tailored solutions. And because we know what is needed to make you being the talk of town, we share our expertise as passionate PR boutique.

How we do it

We collaborate.

With you and our partners. We are different. Because we believe you pay us for honest advise. At Big Bang & Whisper we offer straight-forward consulting from a true sparring-partner on eye-level. Our partners share our dedication, enthusiasm and approach to deliver best possible services and results.

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What we do

We tell stories.

As PR agency in Berlin, we offer creative ideas and concepts for communicative solutions and the strategically sophisticated execution of targeted communication measures. We are storytellers.

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Winsstr. 61
10405 Berlin
T: +49 30 69202499
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