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Working with Big Bang & Whisper

No job openings

Big Bang & Whisper is the brand name of the PR office privately owned and operated by Sebastian Hesse as sole proprietorship. The unique concept of Big Bang & Whisper focuses on tailored teams for each client and project. That is why we do not offer long-term employment opportunities.

No internships

Big Bang & Whisper is not offering any possibility of internships. Big Bang & Whisper is a consulting firm working only with experienced consultants and partner agencies.

Working project based as freelance consultant

We are always interested to expand our network of experienced consultants that have developed their competencies, skills and experience in various projects throughout the years. Depending on project needs, we partner with freelance consultants based on their expertise and previous assignments. Please note: For any project for the German market, fluent German language in speech and writing is indispensable. Curious to learn more? Please introduce yourself to Sebastian.

How to contact us

PR Agency Germany | Sebastian Hesse

Sebastian Hesse
Founder of Big Bang & Whisper

+49 30 69202499

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Big Bang & Whisper®

Sebastian Hesse
Winsstr. 61
10405 Berlin
T: +49 30 69202499
E: contact@

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