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Successful leaders know that highly dynamic teams need their full attention and effective communication, especially in uncertain times. Because only stable teams guarantee the performance that is especially necessary in a crisis. The Center for Creative Leadership ( recommends “WE” as an immediate remedy in times of crisis and makes the book “Crisis Leadership” by Gene Klann available for free download.

Every long-term successful company knows this situation: business is good, new employees have been hired, it’s going to be a good year. But suddenly everything is completely different. Unforeseen external influences throw the entire planning into disarray, orders fall away, uncertainty spreads and the mood in the team tips over. Keeping a cool head in these moments is not easy for anyone. But managers in particular have a duty to take responsibility not only for themselves but for the whole team and to steer gently but firmly in this situation.

The DAC formula as the quintessence of good leadership & communication

One way of making sense of the chaos and finding solutions comes from the common denominator, the “we”. The “we” forms the foundation on which all other measures are built. This “we” as a sense of community – the quintessence of good leadership – is achieved through the DAC formula defined by the Center for Creative Leadership. It describes that successful leadership is only possible when the interplay of direction, alignment, and commitment is understood and lived by the entire team.

Especially in uncertain times, it is therefore even more important to set clear goals. All team members need to develop a clear vision of the challenges facing the organisation and where the company should go to overcome those challenges. If everyone in the team can say exactly what shared success looks like, the alignment is right.

In order to achieve the set goals, an equally clear allocation of roles is necessary. Successful internal communication is essential. Everyone should know their own job and the responsibilities of other employees. The picture of the cogwheel in the gearbox helps. Feeling comfortable in your own role is crucial for every team member. Managers should therefore keep their doors open and be available to employees, especially in times of crisis. The understanding of the role of manager and coach, which is important for every manager, is particularly important in these moments.

After all, only the commitment of each individual team member as a bundled superpower leads to the desired success. Everyone knows what has to be done, everyone knows where to tackle, now everyone has to actually pull together. Working together for a cause is only possible when individuals in the team trust each other and share responsibility for the future of the company. In retrospect, the support of the team or the organization in turn leads to increased motivation.

If coordination, orientation and commitment interlock, leadership and successful project or company management become visible.

“There is no one recipe for crises, because every crisis is different,” says Annie Faulkner, General Manager DACH at the Center for Creative Leadership, one of the world’s leading providers of leadership seminars. “Nevertheless, it is important for leaders to know the ingredients that make good leadership.” Those who want to arm themselves for the crisis can download Gene Klann’s book “Crisis Leadership” free of charge:

At the same time, Faulkner says, leaders should pay attention to their own resilience. This includes giving your best at all times, but also being able to leave the resulting result behind. It also helps to admit to yourself that “nobody is perfect” in times of stress and to see failure as an opportunity. “Keep an eye on your personal energy management. This is the only way you, as a manager, can successfully lead teams to their goals.”

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The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) is one of the world’s leading providers of leadership seminars. The organization offers a unique focus on leadership research and education. With multiple award-winning know-how to solve management challenges, CCL supports individuals, teams and organizations. For almost 50 years, CCL, with over 500 multilingual trainers and 11 offices worldwide, has been imparting knowledge and skills that lead to better results in companies through more effective management.

There is no one recipe for crises, because every crisis is different. But it is important to know the ingredients.

Annie FaulknerGeneral Manager DACH, Center for Creative Leadership
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