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Carlos Böttcher, one of the many actors and filmmakers, coming to the blue carpet and red carpet of #LOLA22 on a Swapfiets.
Swapfiets X Deutscher Filmpreis 2022

Bicycle instead of limousine with Swapfiets @ #LOLA22

On the occasion of the German Film Awards in June 2022, numerous actors and filmmakers drew attention to the effects of climate change and the responsibility for more sustainable productions. In addition to Lucas Reiber, sustainability ambassador of the German Film Award, almost 20 well-known faces of German film deliberately refrained from luxurious chauffeur service with limousines.

In cooperation with Swapfiets, Europe’s most successful bicycle subscription service, they rode together as a bicycle parade along Berlin’s Kurfürstendamm to the blue and then red carpet at the Berlin Funkturm.

Actor Lucas Reiber, known from numerous TV productions and feature films such as “Fack ju Göhte 2” says: “The German Film Academy has been striving for years for a more sustainable implementation of the Film Award and also otherwise for more sustainable work in the entire film industry. I am happy to be able to support this vision of the Film Academy with all my might. And what better way to experience the city than on a bike.”

Pheline Roggan, one of the initiators of “” an initiative of filmmakers for green filming, says: “Glamour and sustainability go together quite wonderfully. The idea of cycling to the red carpet instead of taking a limousine excited me from the start, because it’s time to rethink and set new standards. We far too often accept the car as having no alternative; in my opinion, the limousine has had its day as a status symbol. For a more liveable city, we have to rethink and there are already enough alternatives, such as public transport or even bicycles.”

“With more sustainability at the German Film Awards, we also want to encourage our guests and partners to operate more sustainably in their companies and support them in their own sustainable development,” adds Claudia Löwe, Managing Director of Deutsche Filmakadamie Produktion.

André Illmer, General Manager Central Europe of Swapfiets, says: “We at Swapfiets are happy to see the bicycle gaining more and more importance in the film industry. It’s not about banning cars completely. Different modes of transport will still be necessary in the future. But we support a rethinking in society. Many journeys can be made by bicycle. To this end, we are also working ourselves to become even more sustainable as a company and to make our bicycles circular in the sense of the circular economy.”

In order to make a binding commitment to sustainable processes, a declaration on sustainable action is part of every contract signed for the German Film Academy Production. To ensure international comparability and to protect limited resources, the Deutsche Filmakademie Produktion as a company is striving for ISO certification 20121 for sustainable event management. The companies of the film industry, one of the largest employers in Germany, generated almost 9 billion euros in turnover in 2015 according to the Federal Statistical Office.

Photos: Swapfiets/AEDT

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