Many people like to use a bicycle. But nobody really likes to maintain and repair their own bike. Swapfiets, the world’s first bicycle-as-a-service or ‘bike membership’, was born 2014 in the Netherlands. Coming 2018 to the German market, a country full of automobile fanatics, Swapfiets contracted Big Bang & Whisper to create a launch campaign while opening new Swapfiets stores across the country. How to make Germans truly love to ride a bicycle? We found an answer!


Big Bang & Whisper started to work for Swapfiets in April 2019 and developed the brand becoming the leading bike membership in Germany.
By strictly focusing on regional PR to create buzz in cities across Germany where Swapfiets is available, we laid the foundation for broader, national communications, creating a true brand community of Swapfiets customers, dedicated to use bicycles more often while relying on a unique personal service.


PR Launch in Germany



What We Did

Brand Development, Public Relations

Nearly 5.000 earned media mentions in print (52%), online (45%) as well as TV and radio within 3 years

By end of 2019, after less than 1 year of PR in Germany, purely earned media with more than 1.300 media articles and programs across Germany reached an audience of more than 260 million people. In 2020 these results were even exceeded. With ongoing public relations efforts and strong storytelling with regional examples, Swapfiets gained strong recognition nationwide, reaching a total of more than 5.000 earned media mentions reaching a staggering number of more than 1 billion contacts, by mid-2022 based on analytics by Landau Media monitoring.

Blue Tires

at Tour de France

As lead agency, Big Bang & Whisper staged one of the biggest PR stunts for Amsterdam-based bike subscription company Swapfiets. For Tour de France 2021, Swapfiets made its iconic blue tire appear on Team Jumbo-Visma bikes to promote cycling in daily life. As a result, we created staged media attacks across 8 markets in Europe with more than 100 earned media clippings and ten thousands of social media engagements. 

Earned media results

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Number of Clippings in 2020
Total number of clippings until mid 2022
Reach in millions in 2019
Reach in millions in 2020
Reach in millions by mid 2022
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