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How to make things happen

Just yesterday I was asked again to participate in a bidding process for a new business pitch. The organization asked for a free PR concept. The best PR concept shall win the pitch and an annual contract.
I said, no thank you. The reason is pretty simple. The absolute “essence” of my intellectual property and work is flowing into any PR concept, my knowledge about how to make things happen. The “How to” is the value I bring to any client and what I am earning my money with.

Experience differentiates

At the age of 19 I started learning what does and does not work in PR, marketing and business. What my clients get from me is not only a “bright moment” but a tailored consulting based on many years of expertise and experience. Sounds important and is important, not for every client, but some. My clients are not looking for someone that can write a good press release. My clients have a problem that they try to solve through communication. Many times this problem is not even clearly identified but they have the feeling that “something needs to be done”. This is what I am interested in, this is what my passion is about and this is what I can surely help with. I am an analyst, communicator and storyteller. And I can create stories that fit to several types of media, offline and online.

Intellectual property is no freebie

Today I found this wonderful video by Zulu Alpha Kilo, a Toronto-based creative company. It describes clearly that intellectual property in form of concepts shall never be given away for free.

For a good client relationship – How to start with Big Bang & Whisper?

My mantra is always: transparency. My clients shall always know whats happening and why.
Same when starting a new business relation and project. Usually I am suggesting these 3 steps to start any project:

1. The phone call & meeting in person

A short phone call is enough to clarify the basics and to introduce each other. The phone call is important to see if we “fit” on a personal level. Me, as your consultant, should have your trust and vice versa, to me as your consultant its extremely important to feel that your company is interested in change and development. If the project is not backed by the CEO / management we can forget about it. Therefore it also makes sense to meet in person, if possible.

2. Maybe a workshop

Usually, I am offering initially a workshop that allows us to sit back and take a look at the big picture. Together we analyze the situation, define the problem, define your company and marketing goals and talk about your target group / customers. My job is then to identify their realm of life and media consumption behavior. How do they inform, what is their interest and who influences them? Based on this information a communication concept can be developed.

3. The PR Concept

Based on our talks and workshop findings, I develop a communication concept that is the foundation of our cooperation. The concept shall not be written in stone, but needs to be flexible to adapt to special needs / ad-hoc requirements and changes. Regardless, the communication concept gives a clear direction of what we want to achieve and how. And there it is again, this “how” to make things happen.


Are you interested in learning more about my work? Do not hesitate to call me. My consulting is free of charge until we agree on a contract for tailored consulting and communication management. Give it a try!

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