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Ask the right question

Many times, new clients ask the question “So, do you have many good contacts with journalists?” Of course, I do have a database full of emails, phone numbers, names, editorial departments, and interests of each journalist. But that is not what will get you in the media. The saying “Sometimes a friend, always a journalist” truly describes how media work. It is about interesting stories, good or bad, about a company or organization. And these interesting stories have to be created, every day, in order to make it in the newspaper, a blog, on the radio or on TV. The better question might be: “What story would you tell about our company / brand?”

Making the media work for you

This week I met in Brussels Josh LaPorte, Media Development Advisor at the European Journalism Center (EJC), who told me about his work in developing countries, mostly in Africa and South America. I realized that some basic questions from his students and workshop participants are also the same questions that I often times heaer about media relations in Germany. It seems also here in Europe, many companies still do not fully understand how to handle media and how to do good PR. Josh LaPorte told me about the EJC’s Guide for Civil Society Organizations and I think it is a great source for basic info on how media work and how any organization shall communicate. Specifically designed for NGOs I think this brochure can also be a great resource for any company that seeks answers to basic questions about media and also how we as PR consultants can make media work for you with our services.

Here you find the free brochure “Making the media work for you”:


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