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What are the right content marketing recipes? One thing granted: The right chemistry is essential!

A very helpful overview offers the content marketing periodic system by Econsultancy Ltd. The right recipe shall consist of at least one element of each color group. One starts always with Cs, the content strategy.

So, why not putting some efforts in video during the next corporate event asking guests as trendsetters? The recipe Cs + V + Ee + Tr + Is + Vn + Yo + Fa + Tw + Pv + Eg + En would be a good combination of content strategy + event based video, that is published on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vine and we check Page Views and Engagement metrics and see how shares, likes or comments evolve. Some spice for this content marketing dish could be the elements Cv and Up.

Take this chance and try this content marketing periodic system during your next brainstorming to develop some great ideas!

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